We do this because we care about your safety!

We invest in the latest tools and equipment because we know: to deliver the best, we need to use the best!

It is a known fact that the auto industry is ever-changing when it comes to car manufacturing which means that the industry's repair methods are also affected.  Armando's Auto Body & Paint Inc. actively remains up-to-date on all things equipment and safety-related.  The certified technicians at Armando's Auto Body & Paint Inc. utilize modern tools, techniques & products to deliver accurate, safe and guaranteed results.

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Shockingly, only about 20% of collision repair shops currently complete the brutally meticulous training qualifications required to achieve the Gold Class standard.

At Armando's Auto Body & Paint Inc., we continue to uphold our Gold Class I-CAR designation, which means you can be assured your vehicle is in good hands.  Our shop has certified specialists who know how to make the proper repairs that can retain the safety and structural integrity of your vehicle.  As cars integrate more and more new materials and new technologies, training has become more important for staying up-to-date for proper repairs.  Our shop specialists are trained to know:

  • the latest repair procedures and technologies

  • how to diagnose damage to restraint systems, electrical systems and advanced materials

  • how to perform up-to-date repair procedures and apply new technologies

  • how to find hidden damage others may not see

  • perform structural repairs and restore steering and suspension performance

  • how to determine which parts can be repaired and which need to be replaced

Shops that lapse in their training, even for a year, lose their Gold Class designation.  To view our current status, visit the Gold Class website and click on the Find a Gold Class Shop Today!

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Formerly known as DuPont™, Axalta® Coating Systems has over 150 years of experience in the finest coatings, application systems, and tools.  Not only are they the premier leaders for the coating industry, but serve as leaders in providing eco-friendly products since they use water-based paint materials leaving less of a carbon footprint on the environment.