Your wish is our job!  Recover and restore your dream car with us.  Let us help you return your classic car to its former glory.  Our sentimental devotion to all types of cars will not fail to deliver to get you back on the road in the style you've always wanted.  Our quality craftsmanship and superior technology, products, and materials will blow you away!  Let us help you with:

  • Frame-off restoration

  • Rust Repair & Removal

  • Sheet Metal Replacement - including floor panels, lower quarter panels and other panels susceptible to rott & rust

  • Aluminum Repair

  • Custom Color Auto Painting

  • Color Matching

  • Auto Body Repair

  • Undercoating

  • Sound deadening/insulation

  • Body & Suspension Bushings

  • Color, sand & buff

  • Ceramic wax finish available

  • Panel Replacement

  • Paint Refinishing